Reset oil service, maintenance light reset, oilreset

Find how to reset any maintenance light or reset oil life after an oil change for all makes and models.

service light reset BMW 2001

BMW 2001 to current

Ignition Off (Position 0)
Press and Hold the trip odometer button while turning key to position 1 (ACCESSORY)
Keep the button depressed (about 5 secs.) until you see “Oil Service” or “Inspection” with “Reset” or “Re” in the display*
Press the button again and hold for approx. 5 secs. until “Reset” or “Re” flashes
While the display is flashing, briefly press the button again to reset the Service Interval. After the display has shown the new interval you should see “END SIA” for about 2 seconds
Note: that if the “Reset” or “Re” does not flash, then you have not met the minimum consumption level and cannot reset

*Note: On vehicles with “High” cluster, you will also see the amount of fuel (in litres) remaining until next service

service light reset Citroen

Citroen – most models

Start with the Ignition turned OFF
Press and hold the Trip Reset button on the instrument cluster
Turn the Ingition ON (position 2)
The service display should count down from 10 to 0 until reset
Release the Trip Reset and turn the Ignition OFF

service light reset Volvo

Volvo 1999-2000 – S / V / C70 Models

Press and Hold odometer reset button
Turn ignition switch to “run” position
After SRL flashes, release odometer reset button
Turn ignition off
Turn ignition back on to confirm reset

Volvo 1998 – S80 Models

Turn ignition switch to position 1
Press and hold the odometer reset button
Turn ignition switch to position 2
Wait until service light blinks and then release odometer button

Volvo 1999-2000 – S80 Models

Turn ignition switch to position 1
Press and hold “day counter reset button”
Turn ignition switch to position 2
Continue holding day counter for approx. 10 seconds
After SRL flashes, release day counter button
Should hear “beep-beep” to confirm command accepted

Volvo 2001 – XC 70 Models

The following steps must be completed with no longer than 5 seconds between each step:
Make sure the trip meter is in T-1
Turn ignition key to position 1
Press and hold trip meter button until zero is shown
While still holding the trip meter, turn key to position 2
When original trip mileage returns, release the trip reset button
Turn key to off

service light reset Volkswagen (with digital Odomoter)

The code on the mileage display when you start the car will read “IN01”, “IN02” or similar. To remove this, use the following procedure (this should work on any VW with a digital odometer):

With the key out of the ignition find and press the odometer reset button (hold down)
Turn the ignition on (warning lights come on) wait about 10-15 sec until most or the lights are off (still pressing odometer reset button)
Turn ignition off (button still pressed) and remove the key
Release reset button
Interval should now be reset. If this is not the case, repeat the above procedure

service light reset Renault Trafic (2001-present), Vauxhall Movano (2007- present), Vivaro (2007-present)

Turn the Ignition ON (position 2) but do not start the engine
Within 100 seconds of turning the key, press the accelerator pedal to the floor and hold it down
While still holding down the accelerator, press and release the brake pedal twice, then press it a 3rd time and hold it down
Release both pedals
Within around 10 seconds, the Oil Service warning light should turn off
Immediately Turn Ignition OFF, then within 3 seconds turn it back ON (position 2)
Turn Ignition back OFF to complete


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