Find how to reset any maintenance light or reset oil life after an oil change for all makes and models.

How to Change Your Oil

It is crucial to know how to change your oil. Your oil should be changed every 3,000 miles or so to ensure everything runs smoothly. Before you begin learning how to change your oil, it is important to gather the right equipment. To change your oil, you will need:

Socket wrench (size varies depending on make and model of the car)
Bucket, pan, rags, or assortment of all three
New filter
New filter gaskets
New oil

Once these materials have been gathered, simply follow these steps to learn how to change your oil:
The first step in learning how to change your oil is getting rid of the old oil. Before new oil goes in, the old oil has to come out. To do this, locate the oil drain cap which is normally located closer to the back of the engine. Before letting the oil out make sure there is a bucket, pan, or old rags underneath the oil drain cap to catch the oil. Failure to do this can result in a stained garage or driveway. Another tip is to take off the oil filler cap so the oil drains out smoothly.
Once this is all set up, it is time to use a socket wrench to remove the oil drain cap. Remember to turn the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the cap.
Once the cap is removed locate the drain plug gasket. This is usually made out of felt and is shaped like a washer. These should be replaced when you change your oil, so make sure to remove that as well.
Also make sure to remove the oil filter. These look different depending on the brands and are placed in different spots on different cars. Once you locate it screw it out and make sure the filter gasket is attached to the filter. The first half of the process is now complete.
Sit back and wait for the oil to drain, then move on to the next steps in learning how to change your oil.
Now it is time to put the new filter and gaskets back in place. When putting the filter in, rub some new oil over the filter gasket to make sure it fits in smoothly and will not get worn down and leak.
Next, screw on the oil drain cap. Make sure that everything is on tightly and correctly so there is not any leakage, but also be careful not to put the cap on too tightly or the threading on the cap will be ruined.
Once the oil drain cap is securely replaced, it is time to put in the new oil. Put a funnel into the open fill cap and pour in the new oil. Once it is full replace the fill cap.
The last step in learning how to change your oil is starting your car. Make sure the check oil light goes off and that there isn’t any oil dripping from the car. If the light is off and the car is drip free then the oil change has been completed successfully.

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