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How to reset the service light on your Chevy Cavalier

1. Make sure the light is has a wrench icon. This article is not intended to help reset a “service engine” light.

2. Without turning on your car, turn the key to the right and you’ll see all of your dash lights come on.

3. Press on the brake 4 times. On the 4th time, hold the brake petal down for 30 seconds and release. This should reset the light.

4. Always always always contact your mechanic! This trick was told to me by my mechanic because I saw the light and took it in for servicing. I went to a non-dealer mechanic, but after they ran a diagnostic, they couldn’t find anything wrong. I called my GM mechanic and they suggested that if noting was found wrong, it was probably a light that needed to be reset. I plan to take it in for a tune-up soon but knowing that nothing serious was wrong was a nice weight off my shoulders and my wallet!

Reset service indicator citroen piccaso

To reset the service light on your vehicle is a straight forward procedure. Ignition off , Hold down the left dash button with the 000 s on . Whilst holding the button turn on the ignition and watch the display count down to 0 . Turn ignition off then on again and there you have it. Magic. Obviously this should be done in conjunction with a routine service to insure your car is safe reliable and legal .

Reset the service light on opel / vauxhall signum 04

Considering it’s made by a GM company, I would assume the standard practice here works there…

Turn key to on, but do not start…
Pump gas peddle three times…
Press and hold brake peddle till the service light blinks and then goes out…
Start the car to make sure the light was reset…


Turn to on…
Hold trip reset button…
Start car
keep holding trip reset till the light on the dash goes out…

Hopefully one of those works, but they’re just kinda the ‘try this’ until someone who knows chimes in.

Service Light Reset Vauxhall Opel Signum/Vectra

Is there a way to reset the service light on a 55 plate Vauxhall Signum 1.9 cdti design without going to a VX Dealer

· Turn Ignition Off
· Hold Trip Reset In
· Turn Ignition On
· Still Holding Trip Reset wait for three dashes
· Turn off Ignition
Turn on Ignition to confirm

Reset service notification on display at vw sharan 2001

with the ignition off

press and hold the miles reset button in on dash

now turn on ignition and start engine

‘service now’ should now be displayed

now turn the clock adjuster button either left or right and this should rest the service



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