Find how to reset any maintenance light or reset oil life after an oil change for all makes and models.

Trip Reset

How can you reset service light, maintance on Toyota Corolla

1. Turn the ignition on without starting the engine.

2. Set the display window to ODO, TRIP.

3. Turn the ignition switch off.

4. Pressing the button PUSCH ODO TRIP reset switch turn the ignition switch to the ON position (keep pressing for at least 5 seconds).

5. Reset procedure is complete

service light reset Citroen

Citroen – most models

Start with the Ignition turned OFF
Press and hold the Trip Reset button on the instrument cluster
Turn the Ingition ON (position 2)
The service display should count down from 10 to 0 until reset
Release the Trip Reset and turn the Ignition OFF

service light reset Vauxhall – Most passenger cars 1999 onwards

Start with key in but Ignition OFF
Press and hold Trip Reset button on the dash
(on some models you may also need to depress the brake pedal)
Turn Ignition ON
Keep holding Trip Reset (and brake pedal) until the service indicator shows the appropriate interval
Release Trip Reset (and brake pedal)
Turn Ignition OFF
Turn Ignition back ON to confirm


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