Find how to reset any maintenance light or reset oil life after an oil change for all makes and models.



How to reset oil service on a Skoda Fabia Elegance combi 1.4 16v AUB 74kw 2002

Press and hold button A (the right/cel din dreapta)

Switch ignition ON Release button A

The letters ,OEL, or ,OIL, will appear in the trip recorder display

For models with digital clock turn button B to the right until ,bar, appears in the display

For models with analogue clock pull out button B until ,bar, appears in the display


How to reset service light on a Skoda Superb

1) key in OFF position,

2) press and hold right button on the dashboard,

3) turn key in ON position,

4) release right button

5) turn the left button on the dashboard in a right direction

Reset oil service Skoda 2000

Skoda 2000

Longlife service intervals require diagnostic tool. Fixed intervals: Press and hold button below the speedometer. Turn ignition to the “ON” position.
“SERVICE” is displayed. Release button. Turn button below the tachometer to the right until display is reset. Turn ignition off.

resetare service skoda Fabia / Fabia service light reset

se tine butonul de la ceas apasat
se pune contactul
se elibereaza butonul
apare “service now”
se roteste spre dreapta


With Ignition off
Hold Trip in
Switch on Ignition
let go trip button
twist to right (trip button)
press until “oil” is shown in display
twist to right (trip Button)
Ignition off

reset service skoda 1,6

Vehicles on longlife service intervals must have the service interval indicator reset using suitable diagnostic equipment.

Vehicles on fixed interval servicing can be reset as follows:
Press and hold button A.
Switch ignition ON.
The word “SERVICE” will appear in the trip recorder display.
Release button ffi.
Turn button B to the right to reset the display.
Switch ignition OFF


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