Find how to reset any maintenance light or reset oil life after an oil change for all makes and models.


Reset service indicator citroen piccaso

To reset the service light on your vehicle is a straight forward procedure. Ignition off , Hold down the left dash button with the 000 s on . Whilst holding the button turn on the ignition and watch the display count down to 0 . Turn ignition off then on again and there you have it. Magic. Obviously this should be done in conjunction with a routine service to insure your car is safe reliable and legal .

Reset the service light on opel / vauxhall signum 04

Considering it’s made by a GM company, I would assume the standard practice here works there…

Turn key to on, but do not start…
Pump gas peddle three times…
Press and hold brake peddle till the service light blinks and then goes out…
Start the car to make sure the light was reset…


Turn to on…
Hold trip reset button…
Start car
keep holding trip reset till the light on the dash goes out…

Hopefully one of those works, but they’re just kinda the ‘try this’ until someone who knows chimes in.

Reset service light toyota yaris

I second that, as I was shown how to do it. Follow it, VEry simple instructions.

Have your key in the ignition, but off. Well make sure its at trip A before you start this.

Next, press the button, but leave it pressed….
Now put the car into the “on” position….
The indicator will show a bar like it was counting down, wait till that finishes and it all starts to show 0000miles or whatever it is. And let go.

Your done.

How to Reset the “MAINT REQD” Light on Toyota Sienna

1. With the car started (ignition on), set the LCD odometer readout to total mileage (not trip A or B).
2.Turn the car off (ignition key to the OFF position).
3. Push in AND HOLD the button/knob that switches the odometer
4. Turn key to ON position without starting the car. You will notice the maintenance light blink and go out.
5. Release the odometer button/knob.
6. Turn key to OFF position.
That’s it! The “MAINT REQD” light has been reset to warn you to change your oil in another 5,000 or 7,500 miles or so.

Reset the On-Board Computer for a 2003 Ford Fiesta

1. Pull the hood release to open the hood. Prop it up with a rod and locate the battery under the hood.

2. Find the negative battery terminal. You will see a clamp with a nut on it. Loosen the nut with an adjustable wrench and slid the clamp off of the battery terminal.

3. Wrap a towel around the negative battery clamp and keep it away from the battery altogether. The towel will help to protect you and the battery.

4. Let the vehicle sit for about 15 minutes. This will allow the computer to reset and erase all trouble codes.

5. Discard the towel and put the negative battery clamp back onto the negative battery terminal. Tighten the nut with the wrench. Tuck the rod away and lower the hood of the car.

6. Put the key into the ignition and start the engine. Verify that all service and warning lights have turned off.


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