Find how to reset any maintenance light or reset oil life after an oil change for all makes and models.

instrument cluster

Reset oil service golf 5

The Service Reminder Indicator (SRI) is fitted to all 2000 EuroVans It stores two sets of information: Oil Change and Inspection Service. Here is the method to manually reset the SRI after performing a service:

Switch ignition OFF.
Press and hold down the trip odometer reset button (at the lower right of the instrument cluster).
Switch ignition ON and release the trip odometer reset button. It is not necessary to start the engine; merely turn the key until the ignition is ON.
The trip mileage area now displays “Service OIL”.
If trip odometer reset button is now pressed again, the display turns to “Service INSP”. Pressing the button again will cycle the display back to “Service OIL”.
When the reminder that needs to be reset (either OIL or INSP) is displayed, turn button for setting the clock (at lower left of instrument cluster) to the right. The display changes to “Service —-“. That reminder is now reset.
The second reminder is unaffected unless it is displayed by pressing trip odometer reset button and the clock button is turned right again.
Switch ignition OFF and back ON to resume normal display.

service light reset Audi A8

Audi A8 (1994-2004)

Towards the bottom-right corner of the instrument cluster there should be a button labelled “0,0”
Start with the key in, but the ignition turned OFF
Press and hold the 0,0 button, while turning the ignition on (position 2)
Release the 0,0 button
“SERVICE” should now appear on the display
Press and hold the 0,0 button until the display shows “SERVICE IN xxxx Miles / Kilometres”
Release the 0,0 button, then turn off the ignition

service light reset Citroen

Citroen – most models

Start with the Ignition turned OFF
Press and hold the Trip Reset button on the instrument cluster
Turn the Ingition ON (position 2)
The service display should count down from 10 to 0 until reset
Release the Trip Reset and turn the Ignition OFF

service light reset Opel / Vauxhall Agila B (2008 onwards)

Fixed service reset:

Start with key in but Ignition OFF
Press and hold both buttons on the instrument cluster
Turn Ignition ON
Keep holding both buttons until the display changes from “InSP” flashing, to “- – – -”
Release the buttons
Turn Ignition OFF
Turn Ignition back ON to confirm
Oil Service Reset:

Turn the Ignition ON (position 2) but don’t start the engine
Press and release the throttle pedal 3 times within 5 seconds
Turn Ignition OFF


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